Bluetooth speaker Akyta AB131 with a power bank of 4000 mAH


-The bluetooth speaker AKYTA 1B131 has a battery that lasts for a long period of time of 300mAH. By buying this speaker you also get a powerbank that prelonges that capacity of the speaker to up to 15-18 hours.

-The speakers quality is easly noticable. The sound is clear by using the 40mm superBass speaker. Considering it s size, the Akyta AB131 3W has an incredible sound.

-The speaker is able to connect to any divice that has a bluetooth function, the connection is fast and thanks to the external jack cable of 3,5”, you can also connect the speaker using the cable.



1.Play music. You can play music using either your phone, computer or an MP3 and also the music can be played using a microSD card.

2.Phone calls. The speaker is integrated with a microphone, making it easy to have a call with someone on Skype, Zoom, etc.

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Culoare Argintiu/Albastru
Conectare Bluetooth, Jack 3.5, USB, card microSD
Tehnologie Fara fir
Frecventa de raspuns (Hz) 120Hz-20KHz
Diametru difuzor (mm) 40
Microfon Da
Raza de actiune 10 m
Altele 1 cablu AUX 3,5 mm, 1xUSB
Utilizare Multimedia
Impedanta 4Ohm
Putere satelit RMS (W) 3W
Dimensiune sateliti (W x D x H mm) 59x59x52
Baterie 300 mah
Putere (W) 3W