The hob works by redirecting the electromagnetic waves to the bottom of the pan. It is made out of ferrous metals, that heats fast in order to cook food. This is the fastest heating method due to instantly heating the pan.

The Akyta induction hob is perfect for daily use and makes cooking easier than ever. Thanks to the small size of the hob and the smart functions, cooking becomes a pleasure.

The hob is made out of quality materials, the cooking surface is made aut of black glass, perfectly smooth, which eases the cleaning process. Having two heating  surfaces, it allows cooking 2 types of food at the same time, while saving 50 percent energy due to the advanced technology.


No heat is wasted- when it comes to induction hob the transfer of heat comes directly from the electromagnetic source to the cooking surface.

Easy to clean- the glass surfaces makes it extremely easy to clean after using it by simply using a wet towel.

Pleasant design- the black glass offers a modern and elegant look.

Easy to use and carry with you due to it s small size

Compact and resistent, ideal for household use.

Multifunctional- there are multiple levels of heating

Being able to cook two different meals at the same time- due to the 2 cooking surfaces


Box content:

-charging cable of 1.5m

-the hob

-user manual



-Do not use the hob in humid areas

-Do not leave it near children that are not monitored

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