Akyta induction hob DC99, 2000W, with touch control and 8 levels of heating for household use.

This hob has the biggest cooking surface compared to other versions.  

Induction hobs work by transmiting the electromagnetic waves directly to the pan, which needs to be made out of a ferrous materials. The hob heats instantly.

This induction hob is superior compared to the electric hobs due to the fact the food does not get overcooked, since you can easly control the temperature of the hob                                       .  The surface outside the cooking surfaces does not heat which makes it safe for children to be around it.




1.Low energy consumption – nothing gets lost, all the heat is redirected to the food that you are cooking. There is no wasted heat so there is no reason to worry that your kitchen will be to warm because of the hob. After using this hob multiple time, you will notice that the avarage cooking time is shorter than before, while the energy consumption is also lower.


2. Safety- the surface of the hob does not get hot so there is no risk in touching it (seif for children). The magnetic field heats only the bottom of the pan. You will notice that the hob only heats when there is a pan on top of it because unless there is no contact made between the iron and the hob, the pan will remain cold.

3.Modern design- the design is minimalist, compact, with simple elegent lines, a smooth surface, a touch display. It is extremely easy to clean the hob thanks to the smooth cooking surface.

4. The induction hob automatically shuts down in case the electric tension is too high or the hob heated too much.

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